Seat Placement

Posted by Mac on Dec 19, 2004


I was just looking back at a thread on Mill Creek 13 seat placement (With pic of Leslie lookin' for Big Al) and began to wonder about the top criteria for deciding the best location in a sea kayak.

In my particular case the boat is balanced 50/50 between front and back in the water ie: my scum line is the same measure from all rub rail points after a paddle in good ol' Lake Saint Pooey (Louie). Also looks balanced in all the pictures of me in the boat.

Now. In a cross wind, this yak really tends to weather cock (I have no skeg or rudder), and I have my seat back all the way to the rear bulkhead.

I've experimented with 3 gallons of water bottles way aft in the hatch and it makes a world of difference - actually does three things 1: Lowers rear. 2: Raises prow. 3: Lowers kayak as a whole in the water. I assume all three of these factor into cross wind/wave effect.

If I had the room, I'd try moving my seat location back in an attempt to create the same result ('cause I sure don't need that extra weight back there all the time. Though, if I knew I had a long diagonal crossing, I'd consider beaching and looking for stones.)

Here's another thing I noticed when running stern heavy - leaning and edging got kind of hairy. When the balance point between fore and aft isn't at your hips - where you're used to it - oops.

I think there are a ton of factors involved in ideal seat placement and wonder what y'all's experience has been. (This must drive the MC16 folk mad!)

How's the Xmas shopping going? I just played Santa at our mall, and I think I was the only adult having any fun. Boy, I love other people's kids, and see? all that natural ballast does come in handy once a year.

Best to All......