Re: planing shear clamps

Posted by Mac on Dec 17, 2004


Haven't built a Pax but I dare say the sheers shouldn't be visible 'tween deck and side panel.

I think you would plan down to, and just starting to cut into, the top edge of the side panel. Follow the planing guide until the sheer and 3mm okoume form one smooth bevel for the deck panel to sit on. When you've completed the deck installation, all you'd see is the edge plies of the deck - no gaps and no cypress.

Only my 2 cents, you may wanna wait for a Pax veteran to weigh in - or at least someone who's built more than one boat.

A Pax, eh? Do we have another speed demon here?

In Response to: planing shear clamps by dan on Dec 17, 2004