Re: Varnishing the hull

Posted by Mac on Dec 17, 2004


Jahrome is correct.

Varnish hides nothing, fiberglass may hide subtle tone differences. Wet a rag and pass it over your hull - this is what it will look like.

May I add one caution re sanding simply to remove colour? The exterior ply on BS1088 is very thin. Should you sand through it, you'll expose a very black icky glue and then the decision to paint your hull will be made for you.

I've seen a bright finished yak where the builder purposly sealed all his seams with DARK wood flowered epoxy. His reasoning was "If you can't hide it - accentuate it". Know what? It really looked nice! Had a birch bark canoe feeling to it (Which really appeals to us Canuks).

Remember also - you see much more than others when it comes to your work. Don't be too quick to point out what you percieve to be flaws.

People will be wowed - trust me.

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