Re: Bulkhead Hatch

Posted by Dave Houser on Dec 15, 2004

Bulkhead hatches are not as convenient to use as deck hatches. But I primarily day paddle with empty compartments so the opportunity to have clean decks, without hatches, was my inspiration.

Bulkhead hatches will facilitate loading longer items like tent poles. A pulley mounted on the underside of the shear clamp near the end pour with a loop of cord long enough to reach the mid cockpit helps to drag things in and out.

I used weatherseal from an auto parts store to form a gasket on the inside of the lid. You donít want the seal on the bulkhead or it gets ripped up.

If you stay in your boat you are pretty much guaranteed there will be no water in you compartments after a rough paddle. However, bulkhead hatches must not fail because draining a forward compartment through a bulkhead hatch out at sea would be a real challenge. My hatches do not leak a drop but I use float bags in open waters. I have bulkhead hatches on both front and back bulkheads on both of my kayaks. Here is a picture of the rear hatch on my first kayak a Yare.

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