Re: planing radius on dou

Posted by Brett on Dec 14, 2004

Thanks Mac,

The double is a little different to the CLC singles. The singles have a rolling bevel that does change the angle at which the deck mounts throughout the kayak. The double however has no rolling bevel - it stays at 24" radius for the entire length of the boat. Now I admit that just because its mounted to the hull at 24" doesn't mean the shape of the deck wont change through out the kayak - but it just seems a little wierd that the two bulkheads and the plywood deck beam have a slightly smaller radius. That would either create 3 bumpy spots or 2 shallow areas at the laminated deck beams depending which way you look at it.

At least if it has happened to someone else its likely not my screw-up.

Cheerio Brett

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