Re: decorative cloth

Posted by gober on Dec 13, 2004

Just one man's idea... What about laying the fabric on top of the last fill coat while it is still wet. I bet it would bond the fabic very well. Then you would not have a shinny surface. The only thing you my have to contend with, depending of the type of material, would be rot. When I made my paddles I took strong tread and wraped it around the center where the two shafts are bonded, total lenght was about 6 inches tightly wraped. This was done above the wet out and before the fill coats. The purpose you might ask, I read some where that's what the old timers used to do to repair wooden propellors on airplanes. I figured if it was strong enough for propellors it would beef up my paddles plus it looks neat. So I think by adding the fabric it my add strength...

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