Rips and rolls

Posted by Mark Camp on Dec 13, 2004

That is cool! Several of my relatives have tried that, I mean the paddle from San Quentin. And Grampa tried to paddle from Alcatraz, twice. None had a kayak, although I think it was Cousin Otis had welded up a crude float from license plates, that some say looked a little like a Chessie 17 with California plates, if you squinted real hard. Alas, all were caught and returned. (Cousin Otis had access to a welding torch because he was studying to be a pastry chef at the time, and they used oxy-acetylene to flambe the bananas Foster.)

Well, no, my story is as phony as a 3 dollar Looney, but seriously Lloyd, your story was fantastic and keep them coming!

And I'll do my part by stopping writing altogether and finishing the durn boat.

It is ready for the final push to completion, (see pages 2 through 117 in the instruction manual.) Am stopped right now by some sections where the original wood has been replaced by a remarkable rock that exactly duplicates the original texture of the wood, long after the species of tree became extinct. There was a warm inland sea covering most of Ohio when I began the build, and my theory is that mineral-laden drips from the strata of sediment above the garage roof have replaced the organic matter. Even though it seems like just yesterday that I started her.

Did I mention that this project is proceeding slowly?

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