What Lee said, + a link.

Posted by Ken Leffert on Dec 12, 2004

Not really. The strap doesn't slide through the buckles that easily once it has any tension on it. I fear you would break the buckle before you were able to adjust it tight enough, you really have to adjust the buckles, snap them shut, and if you want more tension, unsnap them, adjust the buckles, snap them shut, etc....

I've tried a smoother 1" wide strap that is available at REI, but it doesn't seem to me to stay tight. Don't know if it gets wet and stretches (that really doesn't make sense with nylon) or if it backs out of the buckles, but it seems to not stay tight.

A link to a page that I was able to come up with quickly that illustrates some of what Lee is talking about "If the webbing anchors are located in the deck closer to the hatch and not the sheerclamps you'll get more down force for a given buckle effort.", I'm not the Ken referred to in Ken's Kayak Pages.....like most people, I don't need a paddle-yacht....I am jealous nonetheless. A gentleman by the name of Joe Greenley is generally credited with the soft padeye idea, from which is derived the idea of mounting the ends of the hatch hold-down straps closer to the hatch.


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