Re: Flip/cam lever

Posted by LeeG on Dec 11, 2004

totally made up idea,,haven't done it.

Thinking of a 2" lever that presses over the hatch, the hinge of the lever is made of a couple stacks of 4mm with a horizontal hole for #8ss screw in the hinge,,oh heck this is too involved,,check out the leverered strap that is on a Wilderness Systems Caribou or Pygmy s&g. That webbing and cam lever works but it needs a sleeve or velcro cover so the strap doesn't get undone accidently. ,,wait,,check out the locking tabs (dogs?) on the CLC Arctic Hawk,,instead of the flush piece of 4mm that can rotate over the flush hatch make a little raised pedastal for each tab.. You could start with putting the standard strap attachment as close to the hatch as possible using the fastek buckels and if that still isn't working use the same holes to put in the tiny taped pedastals for the locking tabs.

In Response to: Flip/cam lever by Homer on Dec 11, 2004