Re: Drips

Posted by Ken Leffert on Dec 11, 2004

The glass and epoxy work you do on the inside of the boat is BY FAR the most difficult as far as obtaining a perfect finish. These areas capture epoxy. When you are doing the outside of the deck and the hull, excess epoxy, whether it shows itself in drips or runs or floated glass, can be squeegeed off onto the floor. But every drop of epoxy you put inside the hull generally stays there. In my opinion, the cockpit glass is the most difficult glass to get right on the whole boat. I've only built one boat, its cockpit looks like an ocean swell with a few whitecaps thrown in......but there are no problems with the outside deck and hull don't let those interior problems discourage you!

If those drips just absolutely have to go, a carbide scraper would work wonders. If you go so far as recoating with epoxy, you'll be adding weight for very little won't find many people sticking their heads inside the hatches to examine the finish! My recommendation would be to get it covered up with a deck!

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