Re: MillCreek13 - Deck Mo

Posted by Gayle Rhodes on Dec 11, 2004

lrl, Steve, Kurt, thanks for the feedback. Steve, I've spent quite a bit of time with your journal, as I have with Kurt's....BTW, Kurt, I'm surprised you even have time to read these posts in view of your new stripper project. Thanks for the seating info. In conjunction with the cockpit design, I'll have to figure out how far forward to place the cockpit/seat. Maybe that means a very careful floating session in hull only. For the additional cutout, I can use the original as a pattern as lrl suggests or strip it....if the cockpit is moved forward, might even make a stripped "football" with cockpit in the center. I'll figure something out....leaning pretty much in favor of the MC13. Thanks again to each of you. Gayle

In Response to: Re: MillCreek13 - Deck Mo by Kurt Maurer on Dec 11, 2004