Re: Thule vs. Yakima

Posted by Rob T on Dec 10, 2004

I have a Toyota Sienna and Yakima racks. I started with J cradles from Malone of ME, which work great unless I'm alone. When I'm alone I use those simple and cheap foam pads that fit over the rack and have a v shape on top that conforms well to the bottom of my CH 17s. Although the Sienna is too high to load from the side by myself, I can load the boat from the front of the car by putting the stern up on the front rack and simply rolling up on top, then lift it onto the foam. This works so well that I've pretty much stopped using the J cradles. I'd recommend the round bars and foam - and good tie down straps. Don't forget the bow/stern lines, too. They worked great when the teenage son put the boats on top of the car and forgot to cinch down the straps - the bow/stern lines gave just enough holding power to keep them from falling off the roof and onto the driveway at 5 mph when i saw them beginning to slide sideways....and the kid is a more experienced kayaker than I am! He got the dope slap of the day.

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