MillCreek13 - Deck Mod

Posted by Gayle Rhodes on Dec 10, 2004

Inspired by Tom M's MC16 launch recently and by Kurt Maurer's Pair of Mill Creek 13s (as well as some personal exchanges with Kurt...thanks, Kurt), I'm near ready to start a MC 13. It will be a first build for me and I definitely want a kayak style cockpit, similar to what Kurt did. I also want to build from a kit for time and convenience. There is a rub with the kit. CLC understandably cannot send me uncut deck pieces in a kit, so I'm trying to figure out how best - most effective, artistic, etc - way to fill the front original cockpit area, e.g. the approximately 16"x24" triangle in front of a kayak-style cockpit. Could be another panel cut to fit (I've asked about getting the CLC cutout), maybe even strips (sort of a mini-hybrid)and there must be other ideas. Any suggestions?

One other question...given my size - 5'8", 200lb (male), should I consider moving the seat a few inches forward? It seems like a lot MC13s I see already sit low in the rear, due I suppose, to the seat placement well behind the center of the boat. It actually looks neat with bow up like a canoe but would catch a lot of wind.

Thanks for comments/suggestions. Gayle