Re: Plans for Noah's Ark

Posted by terry on Dec 10, 2004

Well whataya Noah? An ark builder!

Another idea might be to look for a large container (plastic 55 gal. drum or metal washtub, e.g.) that could just be painted up like an ark.

That failing, I would think a simple flat bottomed scow design, with the bottom panel in three pieces so it can angle up at the ends, a flat deck and simple deckhouse, would be easy to design and build out of cheap luan plywood. Some flat brown paint and some black paint to draw the plank lines should be easy enough to find.

Just remember when you're making effigies of all the "animals two-by-two": there are close to a million insect species on the planet.

Happy Holidays!


In Response to: Re: Plans for Noah's Ark by RogerJ on Dec 9, 2004