Re: Submitting my stories

Posted by Mark Camp on Dec 9, 2004

Yeah, stick with us, so you will have to list us all in the acknowledgements when you hit the big time.

But if you love to write (which I don't know) and feel you've something to share (which you do), then: do NOT stop submitting your best stuff to every possible pub.

I have rarely heard of anyone succeeding in getting published without many MANY rejection letters. And I read somewhere (from a successful mag-article type submitter) that you learn stuff about how to tailor a single story to a couple different journals' needs so that it gets expontially easier after your first success.

(For Reader's Digest, you would have to include your tragic death and some stuff about how your memory lives on through the foundation that your loved ones set up to prevent future kayaking deaths and provide homes for double-amputee illegal immigrant forget that one.)

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