Plans for Noah's Ark

Posted by Shuswap Pat on Dec 9, 2004

I am looking for ideas/plans for a VERY SIMPLE, small Ark. This would be part of an interactive Sunday School project for kids. The concept would be they would work in small groups on parts - some would cut out animal shapes, some would work on the Ark etc. over the period of 5-6 weeks. When it is all done, they would present it to the congregation, and tell the story.

I am thinking something about 3 cubits long ( 4'0 or 1.3 Meters), and a (very)simple strip constuction, that could be done with a glue gun. It doesn't necessarily have to float when we are done. We are looking for 'Visual Aid' to help in conveying the story. Having said all that - no bead and cove, no hours of sanding, no muti coats of varnish - SIMPLE.

Anybody remember Bill Cosbys sketch, when he is 'Called' to build an Ark? Thanks