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Posted by Mac on Dec 9, 2004


Epifanes "clear" is the dark UV filtered marine varnish that I swear by. Just as an aside, I ordered too much initially from Noah's Marine in Toronto (CLC of Canada) and have used it for every varnish job since - furniture, trim on stairs, mouldings etc. If you are able to allow 24 - 48 hrs dry/cure time, this stuff is wonderful. And tough!

Tip, with little jobs, we open the can a lot. Always pour what you plan to use into another container and seal the can. Never pour remaining varnish back into the original can. To prevent oxygen in the can from "skinning" the varnish, either buy an air-displacing gas from a paint store (safer) or use butane from your (UNLIT!) torch (3 - 4 seconds) before replacing the lid. (Do this carefully, obviously, and your varnish will last forever).

Now the usual disclaimer - I didn't just say that.

Epifanes sells a rolling/brushing thinner to be used with their varnish - I suggest getting it and experimenting (inside your cockpit or hatches. Heck they could use some more water proofing anyway?)

The thinner will provide for longer wet edge and counteract the effects of ambient humidity extremes etc.

Let us know how you make out!

All the best..........

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