CJ's Thesaurus

Posted by Mac on Dec 8, 2004

Brave adj - undismayed in the face of danger.

Dumb adj - not having the usual characteristics of common sense.

Yeah, close enough. Guess what Rob, we're BRAVE!

Now CJ and Mr. Chris want to join our brave tribe, and I, for one, say Yea!

Whadayasay we make a pact right here and now to paddle on Boxing Day? Rob could make his video for the Yakkies, CJ and Mr. Chris could seal launch their Dimensions side by side, and I'll see if my Suunto compass freezes before or after my brass ****s. (That's brass rub strips you dirty, filthy.........)

Ya in?

In Response to: Re: Where are you? by Chris on Dec 8, 2004