Re: Double - 'flat' deckb

Posted by LeeG on Dec 8, 2004

That actually makes a lot of sense,,not that a big flooded double is easy to rescue but every bit helps. I think an electric pump would make the difference between being able to self-rescue or not in any kind of waves.

I took a Wilderness Systems double with about 3/5 the volume of the Chesapeake double out past the surf zone for a class and was surprised to discover how easy it rolls right over in 2' waves (not breaking) when flooded. There's so much water in the boat that it's easy to climb back in but there's SO MUCH water in the boat that once it starts moving,,it keeps moving. In other words you can sit in your flooded single kayak and brace to keep from going over in waves,,,you really can't in a big flooded double. It was like watching them in slow motion, one guy climbed back in,,then the other,,then the wave,,and in slow motion they rolled right over again. Is there room for another bulkhead in front of the aft paddler to section off a dry compartment?

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