Yeah, Runners!

Posted by Mac on Dec 8, 2004

A YEAR, and I still do that!

Doug Judd asks me if I've got runners for my kayak.

Robert N. Pruden proves that they aren't necessary as he sprints his VJ for 100 yards over the ice looking like a really short Olympic X country skier poling furiously for the finish line while riding the new Canadian Uni Ski Slalom Special.

Hey Rob, wanna know why that helicopter chickened out? They have binoculars ya know!

"Holy Crap! Get a load of that guy! This has got to be Candid Camera or something! Turn this thing around and scram! Go! Go! Go!"

I love ya, man. You're the best......

In Response to: Seasons Final Icy Paddle by Robert N Pruden on Dec 7, 2004