Re: Double - 'flat' deckb

Posted by LeeG on Dec 7, 2004

got it,,so it's 'flat' because it's made from a piece of 9mm ply (or something) and not the laminated ones built in the other direction..? I thought the kit deck beams were made from gluing two CNC cut pieces side by side,,,oh heck either way it doesn't matter if it's screwed or nailed in,,if you nailed in a 1 1/2" ss. brad through the hull into it (pre-drilled of course) and let it cure into place then it'll work,,all it has to do is stay in place for the effort involved in putting the deck on. Don't try and pick the unfinished kayak up by it's deck beam or toss it around but if it's staying in one place i'd think as long as it holds together long enough to put the deck on then alls right.

It's not like it's a skin boat where the various stringers are all structureal although i'm guessing for something as wide as the double the deck beams probably do add some useful deck strength to the coaming stack compared to the single kayaks.

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