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Posted by Mac on Dec 7, 2004


My first kayak last winter has been my only experience to date.

I didn't keep track of the actual time, but have a feeling that the actual hands-on was roughly half of the total - most of which was spent reading, studying, experimenting, bothering the bejeebers out of this board, sitting and staring, making and modifying 4 paddles, waiting for deliveries of cabinet and carbide scrapers, extra epoxy etc, warm-enough-to-epoxy temperatures, etc. etc. The first build equips us in many ways for subsequent boats. Now comes my forecast for kayak #2 - longer than #1 I hope!

I've collected all sorts of ideas and instructions for flush hatches (including day hatch), brass keel strips, slotted rigging points, recessed coaming, stripped decking, veneer inlays and onlays, machine gun mount, afterburner and Warp 10 Dilithium Crystal power supply. I may not put on the brass keel strips - very complicated - we'll see.

This provides all sorts of new territory to explore and hopefully take many more hours to complete. (I posted this Spring about my "Fear of Finishing", and how I kept futsing around until the ice mercifully receeded enough to launch. That's one of the reasons my wife won't let me start until January). You're correct Ed, I, for one, have way too much time on my hands - mostly weather imposed - at least that's the excuse I'm using for now.

Bottom line - I hope to report at least 200 hours unless I can drag it out.

Thank Goodness I was salaried. Never had to pay me for piece work.

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