Re: Stitch in Time

Posted by terry on Dec 6, 2004

Not that you haven't gotten enough comments on this thread already, but here's a few more:

All my boats have some subtle twist or other defect. Most boats home-builts do, if you look closely enough. If a builder claims to make near-perfectly straight and fair hulls every time, he or she is either:

A. A professional builder,

B. Pathologically anal, or

C. A liar

I've been accused of all A and B, sometimes simultaneously, but my boats are still a bit off in one dimension or another.

Anyhow, I agree with Lee and a few others that the twist will in all likelihood have little if any noticable affect on paddling.

Your stitches are lovely. When I look at my stitches, I see in 3D why I did not go to medical school. Anyhow, you don't need so may turns, as this can break the wire, depending on what guage wire you use, and make adjusting the stitches a bit more time-consuming.

Nice looking boat!


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