Re: We like to fuss.

Posted by Mac on Dec 5, 2004


Just in case he misses this post while having his last paddle of the year, I believe Rob Pruden has been known to ice launch using picks (sometimes successfully!) Robert can truely claim sub arctic status, as he lives in edmonton (small "e") and fights off polar bears just to shovel the driveway.

There's another gentleman in New York state who may also be a fan of these little devices. When he's not designing ruddered skegs, he has been known to take polar swims when inspecting his wharf in frigid conditions. As he seems to carry picks at these times, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's done a launch or three this way. His yaking handle is Ice Phil (what a stretch!)

I myself, have been thinking of finding the kind of spike knuckled gloves the olympic bob sledders and lugers use at the start of their runs. It's just that I get a runny nose in the cold, and have a bad habit of wiping --- well, you know, --- ow.

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