Aw, Geeze, Ed!

Posted by Mac on Dec 4, 2004


A lot of us in the more Northerly climes are faced with seriously curtailed paddling opportunities due to the weather, and are in major withdrawl.

Like all junkies needing a fix we begin to obsess on details - as long as they have to do with our beloved craft.

The new boat kits and plans are on their way, but a lot of us have been told in no uncertain terms that the month of December is for family holiday celebrations, and garage/basement time cannot start until after New Years.

They don't sell a patch for this addiction and I haven't heard of Okoume-o-ret gum, so here we all are twitchin' and sweatin' for the next 3 weeks or so.

So, have pity!

In Response to: Re: Who looks? by EdBru on Dec 3, 2004