Re: Volume of Pour

Posted by LeeG on Dec 3, 2004

hmmm,,maybe the distance the sheerclamps are set back from the ends will affect the amount of goop needed to fill the triangular hole between hull and deck. And if the hull is set up on end at an angle with the deck upright the end pour will fill up the bottom more than the top where the triangular hole is located,,hmm,,imagine a three sided pyramid of epoxy 3" tall and one 4" tall. I think the 4" tall one will have about twice the epoxy of a 3" block. So the difference between a block of wood splooged in and a 5" endpour could easily be a pound. A pound of epoxy/glass is more than what it would take to glass the bottom panels in the compartments between the 3" tape. If you're looking at maximising epoxy use I'd make sure glass cloth was joining wood and not rely on solid blocks of epoxy, extend the sheerclamps to the ends, splooge a block of wood in the space underneath, round over the bow substantially then glass it the way the A. Hawk is glassed with multiple layers of fine cloth. In most common use folks will chip the plywood of a sharp pointy bow while swinging it around in the parking lot long before any kind of 'impact' is going to affect the ply/ply joints.

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