Re: Thought on End Pours

Posted by LeeG on Dec 3, 2004

I repaired a WR162 once that had an endpour,,except the damage was right at the bottom of the stern at the keel. It was dropped 2' onto a concrete floor. The problem was that there was an air gap in the fillet to the stern, a very fine edge with little roundover and the glass on the keeline was 1/2way sanded through with no extra layers on that. The damage was a 6"split down the center with the ply delaminating up the side about 2". I fixed it good,,three layers of 6oz on the bias kept it together with goop injected everywhere. Installed a Feathercraft rudder on a Ch18 with a notch taken out of the stern to lower the height of the rudder (eliminate mahogany rudder block) for the rudder spindle there was plenty of endpour to drill the 3/8 spindle hole. I glassed over the exposed end pour and sheer clamp ends with two layers of 6oz cloth. It developed a crack in the endpour after two years use that was waterstaining the wood. Slapped two intersecting layers of unidirectional carbon tape over the hole and sides, re-sealed the pour. Fixed that sucker.

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