Re: Cabosil

Posted by LeeG on Dec 3, 2004

when I moved to Annapolis there was a Cape Charles in the rafters of a boat building school,,covered in what looked like a thin layer of white frosting. They mistakenly used cabosil as a fairing compound,,didn't have a ROS,,,,gave up after going through a few dozen sheets of sandpaper. One thing to be careful of is that cabosil will speed up the reaction time of epoxy in a mass while wood flour and microballoons will slow it down slightly. Either way a mass of epoxy will go off quickly so if you were worried about epoxy endpour boiling in hot weather then using wood flour isn't a bad idea,,speaking as one who ran around like crazy with buckets of ice because the Okoume was getting too hot to touch,,another reason I started questioning those large endpours "for impacts".

In Response to: Cabosil by Robert N Pruden on Dec 3, 2004