weight saving tip

Posted by Ety Bahar on Dec 3, 2004

hello to you all I would like to share with you my meeger experience on weight saving versus strength. I built both my boats a ch16 and a ch18LT without glassing the interior (using 4 inch tape only) and without glassing the deck. I can vouch for both of these boats as being rock solid mostly due to great clc design but also because the 4 mm sheets are simply strong enough specialy when the exterior of the hull is fibeglassed I am not a small guy weighing in at 220 lbs (on a light day)and i have suceeded in a wet re entry without ever hearing a crack or any sighn of discomfort on behalf of my chesie Ounce I eaven droped one of them from the roof rack and... NOTHING! I must also say that since I live in Israel and Marine grade Okumeh is not available I use Birch plywood witch is a litle heavier material but still if any of you weigh less than me, or much much less than me than you have sure fire way to shaving 3-4 pounds (at least) Just dont try this with the 3 mm stuff... or maybee do try and tell me if we have an extra 4 pounds to save I want to remind every one that the Yare was a kayak designed for 3 mm all around weighing at 26 lbs. Have a great weekend Ety