Volume of Pour

Posted by Lloyd on Dec 2, 2004

We may have (in boat two and three of the composite picture)provided enough with that piece of wood (lower left picture)for deck attachment.

However, I guess the end pour would protect that piece of wood more completely.

On the first boat (ugly and mine)the end pour proved hard to nail into and we bent the nail over on both the stern and bow. That was a primary reason for going to that piece of wood.

Our 17LT manual suggested 6 oz of epoxy in each end.

"The New Kayak Shop" says 8 oz.

Eric Schade's manual on S&G suggests filling the last 4-6 inches with epoxy.

"Kayaks You Can Build" (again this is a wonderful instruction book)doesn't suggest the amount. I did note that he built a dam held by duct tape in his Mill Creek and also had a dam break. Duct tape doesn't hold when warmed up.

I suspect enough epoxy to provide something to drill through for the toggle handles or rudder gives plenty for strength too. Then, like you say, if you are not doing these, perhaps just and ounce or two.

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