How an end pour holds...

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 2, 2004

I ran my kayak through a class 6 rapids two years ago. Had it not been for he end pour the bow would have split wide open. Check out the picture to see how the bow was bashed up on the rocks. The rough edges of the bow were ground out in the image but from what you can see there was a lot of damage to the leading edge yet the panels held together. NO, I was not in the boat when the bow was damaged. The kayak broke in half at the rapid and the bow was smashed into the rocks afterward.

I suspect that a good end pour can hold a boat together after a two-story fall but I'm not so confident that the structural integrity of the rest of the boat would come out of it as good as it was before. There would indeed be a big hole where the bow hit. ;)

Robert N Pruden

Bow of Rebuild

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