Re: End Game (Pour)

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 2, 2004

When I did my end pours I stood the kayak straight up and down, used a bungie to hold it in place. I poured the epoxy out from a cup and let it drain to it's most natural settling point according to gravity. I thickened with wood flour and sawdust after the initial end pour of something like 3-ozs of unthickened epoxy. I added teh unthickened epoxy to ensure that the very ends got their fill. Thickened epoxy might not have been thin enough to slow into those tight spaces.

To keep the bow/stern form heating up I wrapped them in plastic bags containing lots of ice. This worked well. To me, being neat was not an issue since they were end pours that would forever remain out-of-sight.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: End Game (Pour) by Lloyd on Dec 1, 2004