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Posted by LeeG on Dec 2, 2004

well actually no,,but the idea of paddling ones kayak into immovable objects so the end pour could hold up to "impacts" is a bit odd circumstance to build for. I meant to say that whether there was a big or tiny endpour wouldn't matter for the areas that got use and abuse. I think it was the kayaks that took flight off of roof racks that brought the image to mind,,that's probably more energy than a two story drop. Kayaks that have pencil sharp bows would chip away no matter the size or type of endpour. One wood kayak got used in trips/rentals and some misguided person kept tieing it up on the rack next to a ruddered kayak. Not only was a hole worn through the same spot but after sealing/varnishing it two more spots were worn through a few months later...I got revenge and layed two triangular pieces of glass in the first foot on the bow/deck,,four layers of 4oz glass in the last foot of the bow,,ha,,take that messy kayak loader.

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