end pours for....

Posted by LeeG on Dec 2, 2004

it's a shame that detail isn't cleaned up for first time builders. The large set back on the sheer clamps invites huge endpours to bridge the big gap left. When the endpour is described "endpours for impacts...." it leaves one with the impression that it's a structural necesity. It is for 70's fiberglass whitewater kayaks but for wood/glass composites the hull is already so rigid that the ends are even more rigid with just the bonding methods used to bring a deck and hull together. For the ends not accessible for gluing a couple ozs of goop or a wood block is sufficient. You could drop a Ch17LT from a two story building and whether it's got an end pour or not it'll put a hole in the ground. I bet most folks who've bashed their boats around discovered the damage was addressed by blocks of epoxy in the ends.

In Response to: Re: Ugly by Terry Mcadams on Dec 2, 2004