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Posted by Mac on Dec 2, 2004


Nobody has a good word for Bosch?

I bought a 1295DVS 5" variable speed Hook and Loop when I started my first build last year.

First thing I did was ditch the filtered dust collector which would hold the ash from a good sized cigar, and bought about 10' of vacuume cleaner hose (most vaccume repair shops will sell you lengths they have removed from central vac sites real cheap).

Then I got out Red Green's secrect weapon and Duct Taped one end right to the sander's dust outlet. The other end fits over the male on my Shop Vac. This provides a lot of suction through the holes in the sandpaper pads and really does a great dust collection job while sanding on the flat surfaces. When going over an edge - well - nothing works - wear your mask! I always use both the filter bag and the foam filter with paper cover in the shop vac, and it seems to do a great job - wear your mask.

The sander is well balanced and on the light side of heavy, and has stood up well to both useage and droppage (cement floor in brittal cold).

Haven't any complaints about Hook and Loop so far other than the steeper cost. That's why I use my carbide scraper for the runs and drips.

I also used a 1/4 Sheet finishing sander from B&D Professional Series for the concave parts of the hull near stem and stern (on my boat). I found it dug in less than a ROS. Wear your mask.

Final word? Wait for it!


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