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Posted by Mark Camp on Dec 2, 2004

For those who use West System (emphasis mine):

"The mix ratios above-5:1 for 205 and 206, 3:1 for 207 and 209-refer to the ratio of resin to hardener if you are metering by WEIGHT OR VOLUME."

That's why a scale would be so handy for me if I could find the right one: no math. Though I use CLC (MAS) for big stuff, I have some fast West lying around and that is usually what I use for little jobs.

Unless I run across a cheap precise scale, I will stick with medicine droppers. Similar to syringe approach. They are rather slow, imprecise, and messy to use compared to using a scale.

Method (a)--waiting until there is 3 oz. worth of work to do--doesn't work for me, unfortunately, as I can scarcely handle one task at a time, let alone multiple. Making 2.9 oz. paperweights with each .1 oz task also doesn't work for me (grandfather Milne was a Scot and I am a low-paid corporate drudge.)

But I much admire those who do have the skill to do Method (a) or whose economic contributions to society have earned them the spare cash for Method (b).

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