Re: Over Sanding

Posted by Mark Camp on Dec 1, 2004

Actually, a boat built from that wood can be quite valuable, as they are extremely rare, so collectors have bid the price up. I would hold on to it, as such a boat triples in value every year.

My Sharpie also has a lot of the so-called "pygmy squash" gaboon wood as well. The beetle attack triggers an over-production of an extraordinarily tough sap, which can be seen in my boat as large drip-like figuring, especially around the fillets. It is of a subtle, pearlescent color that reminds many of epoxy with some Cab-o-Sil mixed in--quite beautiful to those in the know about rare African plywoods.

Alas, I am under pressure to sell the half-finished Sharpie, at a fraction of its worth. If an offer even in the low six figures (cash only) were to be received today, I would have little choice but to accept it.

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