Re: Overkill

Posted by Mark Camp on Dec 1, 2004

News Flash:

This just in, the attorney for burglar Gordie McFeeley, who claims he suffered serious neck injuries while attempting to break into the home of an eccentric Canadian, held a press conference today to say that he was suing the homeowner for $1,000,000 Candadian (approx. 644 dollars US). The would-be burglar accidentally tripped the release mechanism on a home-built storage device, and was struck on the head by a falling kayak, and then became enmeshed in a mass of wires, pulleys, cleats, hydraulic hoses, and what appeared to be a modified kitchen blender. Red Green was listed as a co-defendant in the case,

Film at 11:00.

In Response to: Overkill by Mac on Dec 1, 2004