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Posted by Ken Leffert on Nov 30, 2004

Sorry about that last answer, it wasn't a very good one. I was at work and in a hurry. At home now, wanting to babble a little more about pictures. Great pictures, by the way! Forum readers that post pictures need read no further.....nothing here you don't already know. Also, anyone else please feel free to point out my ignorance if I say something that is incorrect, I'm used to it.

If you follow the link to your pictures, open up one of the smaller images into the big image, put the mouse cursor over the image somewhere and RIGHT-click the mouse, you'll get a dialog box that has "properties" in it, probably at the bottom. Click on the "properties" option and you should see a box that has an "Address/URL" field, that is the actual URL....Universal Resource Locator, maybe Uniform Resource Locator...for that picture. If you put that URL into the address window of a web browser like Internet Explorer anywhere in the country, maybe anywhere in the world, the web browser will find that picture and display it. If you put that URL or Address in the box for "Optional Image URL:" on this forum, that picture is displayed in your message.

You really need to follow only a few steps to share pictures. You need:

1) A place on the internet to put them. This could be a free picture service, I have heard of many people having good luck with the free photo services, a webpage space that your internet provider has (my DSL account from Verizon includes some Personal web page space free, Comcast also does, many others do). Keep in mind that you don't have to actually have a web page, you just need a space to put your photos in, but "file lockers" and such won't work, they are designed to be read only by people who have the correct passwords. Pictures on your computer are not yet on the internet, you need to get a copy of them out in cyberspace.

2) This is the spot where most people get stuck. Pictures on your computer are not in a place that most of the world can see. You need to actually copy your pictures, or upload them, to the space that you have selected to share your pictures. Most places that provide you with web space, and even the free picture sites, have software to help "upload" photos, it will either be an http:// style of transfer software that usually only does 1 file (picture) at a time, is usually very easy to use, but a little limited.....or it will be FTP style software that can handle multiple files, create directories out in your internet space, is generally more capable, but a little bit more involved to use. I am NOT a webpage programmer, but I think most webpage programmers would recommend you to get comfortable with FTP, it will serve you well.

3) Now that you've uploaded the picture(s) you want to share, all you need to know is the URL of the spot that you uploaded your picture to, and you're DONE! After you've gone through the uploading process, you probably have a pretty good idea of what the address of your picture is, but you can always put that address into the Address window of your browser and check to be sure. You could put that URL into a forum and people can see your pictures!

I know nobody asked for that rather lengthy (and still probably incomplete) advice on picture posting, but I would like to see more pictures, DARN IT!

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