Re: Hoisting for Storage

Posted by Bob B on Nov 30, 2004

I have an 80 lb Old Town that I hoist to the rafters of my garage. I bought 2 cleats, 2 double pulleys, 2 single pulleys, 2 eye bolts, 4 carabiners (or snap hooks) & length of rope. Predrilled hole into rafter. Connected carabiner & double pulley. On end of canoe, I tied a loop of rope. On that I attached a carabiner and a single pulley. On the wall I put the cleat. I start the rope on the canoe, go up to the rafter and around 1/2 of the double pulley, back to the canoe and around the single pulley, back up to the other 1/2 of the double pulley and over to the cleat. This gives 2:1 purchase. You would need 2 people to hoist it or lift it part way on one end & tie off.

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