BS1088 Middle Ply

Posted by Mac on Nov 30, 2004

Hi Folks,

A neighour was looking at the circular piece of 3mm that I removed to install my VCP day hatch, and asked if it was Okoume all the way through. He is under the misconception that I know all about epoxy, varnish and wood. I totally shocked him by admitting that I wasn't sure, but would soon find out. I have connections.

The more I think about it (a dangerous process), as long as the core is gap free and of consistant density, does it have to be okoume?

From what I can see, the middle ply is somewhat thicker than the outer veneers and makes up a good deal of the total. By using a less dense core, could they not reduce the total weight and cost?

Maybe I should read through the standards again, but they're really dry, and being lazier than Terry Mcadams by nature........

Thanks, as usual...