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Posted by Mac on Nov 30, 2004


I know that hurling in the driveway wasn't funny, but traveling sixteen miles to come home and barf would have had MY wife convinced that they'd opened a new club called "The Workshop", and no stories about having my nose too long someplace would have saved my sorry butt.

The fumes got ya, m'boy. You may be naturally sensitive, in which case a full face cartridge unit approved for noxious gasses would be your safest bet. I believe the layman's rule of thumb is "If you can smell it - the filter isn't the right type". Your first whiff is the best test, as your smeller gets anesthetsized very quickly. Case in point - I used two part poly paint on my hull, and the initial fumes, through my mask, were extremely strong - proving my mask is not suitable for fumes. Fortunately, Iwas not initially sensitive (though this may be cumulative). After a minute or two the smell totally went away, leading me to think that the open door in the garage was handling 100% of the odour. A munute after that I was on the recieving end of a French Canadian tirade which would have made Kim Carnes' pro blush. The whole house and half the neighbourhood reeked - birds were falling from the sky etc. My wife and daughter went shopping - boy, did I pay for THAT little gaff. Bottom line - after about three breaths, my nose totally shut down.

This forum is fortunate to have several folk who are well versed in this area, and will be able to steer you in the right direction. I wouldn't do any more epoxy work until you hear from them.

Keep yer nose clean....

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