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Posted by Terry Mcadams on Nov 29, 2004

I agree with Mac that you have stability issues with the pooches. An outrigger of some sort like the one for the CLC sail rig would probably solve that problem. Netting mounted between the outrigger struts (like a catamaran) could be nice place for the pooches to lounge.

Getting the swimming dogs on board may be a bit trickier, depending on the weight of the dogs and the strength of your back. If they're smaller, having them wear a harness would make them easier to grab.

We used to raise Newfoundland dogs when I was a kid - not a small dog by any measure. They adored swimming, as well as our frequent and frequently fruitless fishing trips. Dad rigged a short ramp that hooked over the low garvey transom and had floatation at the outboard end. The dogs could climb right up it, after which they'd shake out their bulky, thick coats and drench all hands. A smaller version of this ramp might work.


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