Re: Fillets

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Nov 29, 2004

Another thing I do is get the fiberglas tape on the fillets as soon as I can. This will stabilize the fillet somewhat. Then, an hour or so later (depending on temperature, type of epoxy and mix), when the fillets are just starting to firm up, I go over them with gloved hands to smooth things out and correct sags. A little alchohol or unthickened epoxy on the fingers helps with this.

But that is for the future. For now, rather than grind away, you could rough up the surface of the errant fillets and add more, thicker, goo to get a wider, but adequately strong fillet. I would only do this in areas where the cured goo is not in contact with both of the panel surfaces of the joint. Otherwise, I'd just live with it, as most of the fillets are out of site anyway.

Good luck, and it could be worse: when you get to be my age, fillets are the last thing I worry about sagging.


In Response to: Fillets by Parke on Nov 28, 2004