Re: Varnish/ Grit/Varnish

Posted by Rehd on Nov 28, 2004

Hi Lloyd

My experience is similar to Steve's. I haven't used varnish on a boat yet, but have opted for Clear Water-based Varathane brand Urethane. I prep surface up to 220 grit silicone/carbide ( wet/dry ) on a small 2" x 6" sanding block.. to break down any high/low areas and bring the surface to the smoothest point I can. I apply at least two and possibly three coats of Urethane before ever sanding them. This material dries to a hard surface in a short 2 hours and can be recoated about any time under 24 hours without prep sanding between coats. After a 3rd coat I sand with 400 to 600 with water, toweling it off as I go. After about 8 coats I start in with 600 and go up to 1500. And when it's a really good job, either for a friend or for sale, I get out the buffer and Auto polish and bring it to a mirror shine. Like Rob Macks says, you don't need that sort of jewel quality finish if you are going to be banging it around in rivers, beach landings or storing on the floor of the shop. But, if the boat is full of errors and little flaws and you want to hide them... That "Table-Top" finish will do the trick... that's all folks will see.. :D


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