Re: Varnish/ Grit/Varnish

Posted by Steve Miller on Nov 27, 2004

Broken record time for me on this topic:

220 removes too much varnish for me. The idea is to get the yak smooth to 220 before you start varnishing. No need to sand any smoother.

But between coats of varnish you only need prep sanding for the next coat. I alternate between 3M fake steel wool pads and 400 wet every other coat. Most varnish cans say to sand with coarser paper between coats but they are trying to sell more varnish. The fellow who says sanding finer than 220 is a waste of time is just giving his opinion. 400 wet sandpaper will fully degloss the varnish and remove the dust bunnies. Thats all you need. Yeah it takes a bit longer than it does with 220 but you will leave more varnish on the yak where it belongs and get a nicer finish. The time difference is minutes not hours.

To repeat - if you are varnishing over a properly prep'd surface then the ONLY sanding you need to do between coats is for adhesion of the next coat.

My 2 cents. :-)

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