Creative thinkers needed

Posted by Chris on Nov 26, 2004

OK, I am requesting input from creative thinkers who can give me feedback on design considerations and alternate possibilities. Please help.

We have 2 fairly large dogs, (Mom is a Portugese Water dog crossed with an English sheepdog, and her son is crossed with a sneaky neighbor dog.) We have been teaching them with limited success to sit on top of the deck of our yaks, but they get a little frantic when we get more than a few feet apart, have difficulty settling down, and paddling is to say the least awkward. The cambered decks mean they are always balancing on their toenails. It's made for some cute pictures, but not real workable for anything more than real close to shore.

I was thinking I could maybe make a removeable outrigger, similar to what they use for the sailing packages, with a non cambered deck for them to sit on. Also, I'd like for them to be able to get on and off it by themselves in the water. (They sometimes like to jump off and swim or check out whats on shore.) I might even want to figure out some way to "seat belt" them in when crossing populated areas, when I don't want them doing their own thing, but I'd want to be able to release them quickly if I got into trouble.

Mac, Terry, I know, I know, Who can I email the pictures to who can post them for me. (still haven't figured out how to do that)