Re: Lofting in the Offing

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Nov 26, 2004

I have a similar set up since I don't have high ceilings in my garage (10'?) and am 6'. Near the front I have two hooks with a web sling permently tied. Near the garage door (as far back as I can get it with the door up) I have two hooks, a web strap with three loops tied in it, and a snap link on the end. I lift the kayak and stick the pointy end in the sling. With it resting in the sling I can lift the other end with one hand and snap the link onto one of the loops. The garage door just clears the boat when opened. Not elegant but it works fine and I had every piece of it on hand.

Mine is not over the side of the garage where a vehicle can actually get in. That's for my wife's car. If I put it there, I would be sleeping in the kayak. And if it fell, I'd be lighting the fireplace with the kindling she turned it into.

In Response to: Re: Lofting in the Offing by Doug Judd on Nov 26, 2004