Re: Lofting in the Offing

Posted by Steve Miller on Nov 26, 2004

The issue I found with a block (sailboat term for pulley) at each end is that you need to alternate ends while you lift. Also need somewhere to secure the line while you go 18' away to lift the other end. Once up you have the lines to deal with. For my small garage that was a big issue since there are cabinets all around and no good place to put the cleat.

The Harken hoist system does both ends with one line and has a ratcheting block so you can let the line go at any time. Pretty cool. But even easier is a rope sling set about 4' in from each end. While one eyebolt is plenty stong as Mac found using 2 makes it easier to get the yak in.

Mac - try a simple sling before you spend the dough for blocks. Also note that hardware store clothes line pulleys may have a pretty low working load. For $15 or so you can get real boat blocks that will each hold your yak in the air safely.

In Response to: Lofting in the Offing by Mac on Nov 26, 2004