Re: Hoisting for Storage

Posted by Doug Judd on Nov 26, 2004

Hey Mac, how's it going?

I was looking at my boat this morning and wondering about the same thing, i.e. hanging it from the carry loops. I can't imagine that any warping is going to occur, but it will be interesting to get a little more info from other.

I've also considered using web slings about 3 feet in from both ends and then eye bolts or "bike hooks" in the ceiling joists with some sort of pulley arrangement.

Jean is working today so I may have to go by Lowes or HD and see what kind of, creativity I can stir up.

Also need to make a trip to Office Depot and pick up some graph paper to start playing with lofting, offsets and the like. Boat 2 is in the offing.

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